From $0 to $1 Million+ in 30 days:
Hacking your crowdfunding success
with Arora Project

So you’re ready to launch a product, and you think crowdfunding might be the way? You’ve come to the right place. At Arora Project, we’ve raised over $100 million through crowdfunding—and now we’re giving away our success secrets through a six-part class series expertly designed to help you navigate your way from “idea” to “fully funded.”

What “crowdfunding” means

How to get funding for your idea

How to choose the right crowdfunding platform

How to prep your campaign for success

How to maintain momentum during your live campaign

Why Arora Project?

We have developed and refined a three-phase data-driven process leading to campaign overfunding of up to 5,000%

We have raised global capital in excess of $100 million

We are taking over three years of dedicated research and condensing it into 6 simple courses to optimally benefit your bottom line.

We are the team behind internationally recognized campaigns such as Reviv, Lexip, Kabaccha, BauBax and GeoOrbital!

We are willing to use our success to drive YOUR success

Experts in

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